Sweet News from RVI: Introducing our Proprietary New Insulation

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At RVI, we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking company, always striving to bring the latest building science technologies to our service area. Owners Sam and Ashly Hartman and RVI staff routinely seek out educational opportunities that let them continue to grow in their knowledge of ventilation and insulation technologies.

Today’s blog introduces cutting-edge insulation technology. This is our first proprietary product, created from the years of education and experience that the RVI team has.

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Introducing Our Proprietary, Cutting Edge New Insulation Product

A while back, we were put in touch with The Maple Dude, a family-owned maple syrup producer in Granton, WI. During our conversations, we were impressed by the sustainable, environmentally friendly way that he makes his maple syrup products.

The Maple Dude spins some of this maple syrup into an incredible maple cotton candy. Once we got our hands on a sample, we couldn’t stop thinking about the delicious, sweet, fluffy candy.

It gave us an idea, and we are excited to finally share it with the world. We are unveiling a product that will shake up the insulation industry entirely.

We’re calling it Maple Cotton Candy Insulation, or MCCI.

This lightweight, fluffy, sweet insulation is made from 100% pure maple syrup cotton candy. The syrup is an abundant natural resource that is harvested sustainably from maple trees right here in Wisconsin.

We talked to Sam Hartman about the exciting new product, and he told us, “The R-Value of MCCI is much lower than traditional insulation products, but it tastes so much better that we think the tradeoff is worth it. During installation, it’s a perfect, high-energy snack for our team. We are always sure to offer the homeowner a taste, too, so they know firsthand what’s going in their walls.”

He went on to say, “It just made sense to create this product — we’re able to offer a cutting-edge, sustainable product to our customers, and a great snack for the team. Plus, our customers report that their homes smell amazing once we’re done.”

Call Us Today to Learn More About Maple Cotton Candy Insulation

Want to learn more about how this great new product can help your home become a more comfortable, sweeter-smelling place?

Well, you can’t, because this is definitely an April Fool’s joke. There is not a cotton candy-based insulation product on the market. Mice would probably love it, but your wallet wouldn’t.

We’ll be sticking to fiberglass for now.

Also, our attorney would probably want us to mention that insulation is not edible. Please do not taste it. It does not taste a thing like cotton candy. You can, however, get your hands on real maple cotton candy from the Maple Dude. We’ve tried it and can confirm that it’s delicious. Just don’t pack it in your walls.

From all of us at RVI, Happy April 1st!

Since inception in 2000, RVI has been a leader in innovative Air Sealing and Insulating Systems. A family, faith, customer, and community-focused business, RVI is owned and operated by Sam and Ashly Hartmann (pictured above with their children) in their hometown of Rhinelander, WI.


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