Northern Wisconsin’s Building Science Experts

RVI has been working with General Contractors building custom homes to make Wisconsin homes healthier and more energy efficient for over 20 years.

Our dedication to building science and deep background in custom home construction have earned us a reputation as the most reliable and professional insulation contractors in Rhinelander, WI. We are committed to improving home efficiencies and indoor air quality through the use of green technologies and sustainable building practices, while making our partner builders’ jobs easier through exceptional dependability, professionalism, and customer service.

Are you ready to find a true partner you can rely on for air sealing and insulation installation in Northern Wisconsin? 

Home Insulation Contractors in Rhinelander, WI,  RVI High Performance
Home Insulation Contractors in Rhinelander, WI,  RVI High Performance
Home Insulation Contractors in Rhinelander, WI,  RVI High Performance

Driving Sustainability and Home Comfort

Throughout Northern Wisconsin

Sustainable homes are in-demand in Northern Wisconsin. Homeowners don’t want to be saddled with ice dams, drafts, or moisture problems and they want to maximize the energy-efficiency of their new homes. Unfortunately, current building codes don’t go far enough in meeting these demands. At RVI, we believe homebuilders can do better and we help them do it. 

RVI’s building science experts help builders maximize home performance and comfort for the sustainable, healthy, and energy-efficient homes that the market demands. Our services relieve builders of the burdens of insulation installation while helping them deliver highly energy-efficient homes that utilize the latest in insulation technology.

From the moment a builder approaches us for insulation services,
we see it as our job to make their job easier.




Environmentally Friendly Installation


Satisfaction Guarantee


RVI is a highly qualified, professional insulation company

They have worked on several of our projects, from remodels to new construction, and all of their work has been top notch. Sam and Ashly conduct their business in a professional manner with timely scheduling, accurate estimates, and by offering input to meet each home’s unique needs.

Sam’s knowledge goes beyond the insulation trade to understanding how all the components of a home can work together to improve the performance of the home. They are always seeking to improve their insulation practices through continuing education and we appreciate their commitment to energy conservation.

// Lakefront Building & Design

I an just give him the plan and it’ll get done right

Babysitting the insulators is a challenge. With Sam (RVI) I know I can just give him the plan and it’ll get done right—no doubt in my mind. You will get excellent service, explanations of the products, and a high quality install with attention to detail. Sam always makes sure to take time with the customer

// Final Touch Construction

Our client was very impressed

Our client was very impressed with your knowledge and understanding of building science and your focus on air-sealing all of your work. He was also very impressed with your work ethic and your efficiency at executing the work at hand.

I’d also like to thank you for accommodating us by shifting your schedule around on short notice, in order for us to work through the road weight restrictions that were posted sooner than expected this year. It made all of the difference in our ability to keep the project moving forward. We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to working together on future projects.

// Great Lakes Carpentry, Inc

Meet Your New
Insulation Partner

RVI has a long and successful history of working with Wisconsin homebuilders to maximize home comfort and sustainability. We are dedicated to advancing building science knowledge and applying those principles to each project, helping builders deliver healthy, energy-efficient homes that meet today’s market demands. We can help you too.

Learn more about our builder services including air sealing, insulation installation, and crawl space encapsulation by contacting RVI today or explore our website to learn more about our services and technology. 

Home Insulation Contractors in Rhinelander, WI,  RVI High Performance