New Home Air Sealing and Insulation

in Northern Wisconsin

RVI offers high performance new home insulation and house air sealing services to make homes as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. We utilize proven building science solutions to drive new home sustainability and lower operational costs.

RVI New Home Services

RVI is a trusted partner to homebuilders throughout Northern Wisconsin, offering industry-leading house sealing services and new home insulation techniques rooted in the latest building science technology.

Wisconsin home improvement contractors and homebuilders count on RVI for:

  • Expert Consultation
  • Air Sealing & Ventilation
  • BIBS® Certified System
  • Blow-in Attic Insulation
  • Air Barrier Installation
  • Foundation Wall Insulation
  • Sound Control
  • Rim Joist Insulation
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
New Home Insulation Experts in Rhinelander, WI, RVI High Performance


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use the Blow In Blanket System (BIBS®)?
BIBS® forms a seamless blanket of insulation that completely fills a space, even around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the cavity. This maximizes the thermal efficiency and performance of the building envelope. The BIBS® system provides the highest attainable R-values available today.
What is your service area?

Our service area is a 60 mile radius around Rhinelander, WI.

How do I obtain an estimate?

If you have building plans please send them via email to or call us at (715) 420-0177 so we can schedule a meeting on site to take a look at the job.


Heat Loss on the Conventional Insulation is Much Greater than the RVI System

The biggest challenge to decide on RVI was the additional cost involved with the system and the fact that this insulation process does not exists, in a big way, in Chicagoland….which is where I come from. So, I knew nothing about it. After deciding on using RVI, I learned that Sam and his crew does exactly what they say and exactly when they say they will do it.

I have two houses on my property. The first one was built 3 years ago and has conventional insulation. There is no doubt, as it can easily be seen, that snow melts on the roof of the 3-year-old house but does not melt on the RVI roof. Which tells me that the heat loss on the conventional insulation is much greater than the RVI system. Also, I’ve noticed that there were times in the RVI house that the furnace would not run for long periods of time, as the house would hold heat very well.

// Mike Lorusso

Extremely impressed with all aspects of RVI’s work

During the process of building a new home with a local builder, I happened to see a job that RVI was working on and immediately recognized the quality of the work. After chatting with Sam, I knew that, while my builder used a different insulation contractor, I wanted to work with Sam if possible. Luckily my builder was flexible, and the quote Sam provided was extremely competitive, especially given the increased level of air sealing and insulation R-Value provided.

I was extremely impressed with all aspects of RVI’s work and even more so with the quality of the end product. We have been heating our house now with propane through the past two winters and our average home heating index (BTU/HDD/SF) is approximately 3.2, which I am extremely happy with, especially given the number and size of north facing windows in our home. I can’t recommend RVI enough and strongly encourage folks to consider them, even if they are not associated with their home builder/contractor.

// Noah Lottig

RVI’s attention to detail has allowed me to live in a warm home all winter

RVI was recommended to me by several people that had positive experiences. One person is a contractor who said, “If I could rip out all the drywall in my house and re-insulate, I would use RVI and the BIBS system without hesitation!” Another person said, “It gets so warm in my house in the winter, when I burn my fireplace, that I have to open the windows to cool it down.”

Personally, I was very impressed at the time that Sam took to explain how BIBS works and why it is better than traditional insulation. I was also very impressed with the personal level of attention at the job site. Before the house was ready to be insulated, Sam stopped out to make sure the framing was ready and nothing would delay them once they started. Once the project was complete, I got to put it to action during these cold northern Wisconsin winters.

I have a wood burning fireplace and when I light a fire in the morning, the house is still warm enough when I get home from work that the furnace did not have to start up. It is much the same overnight with the heat. When I wake up, the house has only dropped a few degrees from when I went to bed, even though the fire barely has any hot coals left.

RVI’s attention to detail has allowed me to live in a warm home all winter. Also, in the summer, the humidity stays down and the temperatures stay low. I don’t even need to have an air conditioner. Thank you for your attention to detail and personal attention to help create a house that will stay well insulated for my lifetime and not deteriorate like traditional insulation.

// Tyler Ruppert