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  • The Benefit of BIBS® The Benefit of BIBS®Not all insulation is created equal. Each system has unique functions and applications. The Blow-In Blanket® System (BIBS®) BIBS® remains a leader in insulation systems, with its long list of innovative, state-of-the-art properties. Keep reading to learn more about this proven insulation system. What is BIBS®? BIBS® is an insulation system that is installed by blowing specially ...
  • Get to Know RVI Get to Know RVIIn the Northwoods of Wisconsin, builders and homeowners alike know that when it comes to insulating and increasing energy efficiency in both new and existing homes, RVI is the number one resource for both service and education. Rhinelander area natives Sam and Ashly Hartmann founded RVI in 2000. Sam was building custom homes during the day ...

Study: Boosting Home Insulation Can Cut Electricity, Fuel Use, Reduce Pollution

“Home Electricity Use Would Decline 3.4 Percent, Natural Gas 9 Percent, Public Health Improvements Seen
and reduce CO2 emissions.”

Before Replacing Windows, See the Whole Picture

“There are a lot of areas where your home could be losing energy and comfort due to drafts and air leaks. While replacing windows may seem like an obvious place to start, the majority of energy is actually lost in other areas.





Partnering with Wisconsin Utilities

RVI is proud to be a Focus on Energy Trade Ally. We work with our clients to determine the best methods of insulation restoration or new installation to deliver the highest energy cost savings and peace of mind possible. We are committed to delivering excellent customer service and product to help bring your dreams of an efficient and comfortable home to reality. Find more information on how you can save money on your annual home energy costs with RVI and Focus on Energy by clicking the link below.