Cultivating Leaders, Here at Home: A Closer Look at Leadership Oneida County

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At RVI, we value being leaders — both within our industry and our community. We are fortunate that our area has access to an excellent program developed to cultivate emerging leaders right here at home: Leadership Oneida County.

Several current and former RVI teammates have completed Leadership Oneida County, so we have seen the value in the program firsthand. We’d like to share a bit more about it in this blog.

What is Leadership Oneida County?

Leadership Oneida County is a unique, nine-month program designed to cultivate and prepare emerging leaders” in our county.

Hosted with the support of the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce and other area organizations, Leadership Oneida County accepts 20 individuals each year into the program. The end goal is to create awareness of services and organizations within the County and to reinforce each participant’s call to civic responsibility and citizen involvement.

Leadership Oneida County meets once a month for day-long sessions. Each session focuses on a specific area within the County and can include business, industry, medical, education, government, and community services. Program participants
complete activities that include touring businesses, meeting with community leaders, and completing a capstone community project.

Why RVI Supports Leadership Oneida County

RVI is fortunate to have several current and former staff members attend the Leadership program. Currently, our leader Sam Hartmann is enrolled in the program. Our Vice President, Ashly Hartmann, graduated several years ago. Our former staff
member Michele Miller also completed the program.

RVI sees that those who graduate are better prepared for leadership roles both in their careers and in their communities.

We also appreciate the work that our local Chamber of Commerce puts in to help make this program happen. We support our Chamber’s commitment to enriching the greater Rhinelander area, and we see it playing it out in their work to foster leaders, businesses, and economic growth right here in the community we are so lucky to call home.

Learn More about Leadership Oneida County

If you want to learn more about Leadership Oneida County, follow them on Facebook or learn more about the program on the Rhinelander Chamber’s website.

To follow along with the activities of our Chamber, visit them on Facebook or online.

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