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In the Northwoods of Wisconsin, builders and homeowners alike know that when it comes to insulating and increasing energy efficiency in both new and existing homes, RVI is the number one resource for both service and education.

Rhinelander area natives Sam and Ashly Hartmann founded RVI in 2000. Sam was building custom homes during the day and began RVI as a side business. As he worked with new home builders and in existing homes, the need for a technologically advanced air seal and insulation system in the Rhinelander area became apparent. Sam knew it would need to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability while providing operating cost solutions to homeowners at the new construction phase.

Sam’s experience and passion led him to begin working closely with general contractors in the area and with Madison-based Focus on Energy to develop a system in building science for Northern Wisconsin’s specialized climate. His unique knowledge meant he understood how to design and frame homes to be as efficient as possible. He also understood the needs of general contractors, making it easier for him to provide the best service and product possible for both the contractors and the customers.

Now, close to two decades after RVI was started, the company’s specialized knowledge has made them a leader in the insulation industry in Northern Wisconsin and beyond. Together, Sam and Ashly built a team of high-performance air seal and insulation experts to serve the needs of the Northwoods.

The RVI New Home Construction Process

RVI starts the new home construction process with an expert consultation. RVI understands that a building is a complete operating system, requiring homeostasis between heating, cooling, and ventilation in order to deliver maximum energy efficiency.

RVI offers the Blow-In Blanket® system (BIBS® system). BIBS® technology utilizes a blown-in technique that forms a seamless “blanket” of insulation. BIBS® offers unparalleled thermal efficiency and performance and provides the highest attainable R-values available.

The RVI Existing Home Process

We start with a test (an easy one!). After examining and testing your space, RVI can give businesses or homeowners an in-depth analysis of the building’s energy efficiency and operation. They can then use their expertise and technology to help you achieve maximum energy efficiency and annual energy cost savings with their complete line of home energy efficiency services.

Ultimately, RVI recognizes that the right solutions for every project start with identifying and understanding their customer’s needs. As a family, faith, customer, and community-focused business, they take pride in and stand behind their work, delivering professional results — every time.

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Since inception in 2000, RVI has been a leader in innovative Air Sealing and Insulating Systems. A family, faith, customer, and community-focused business, RVI is owned and operated by Sam and Ashly Hartmann (pictured above with their children) in their hometown of Rhinelander, WI.


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