Save the Planet (and Your Pocketbook) with Focus on Energy Home Certification

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Whether you’re a builder or a buyer, it pays to have newly built homes get Focus on Energy certified. A Focus on Energy-certified home can be up to 100% more energy efficient than the average new Wisconsin home — which comes with plenty of perks, both financial and environmental.

Today’s blog covers what it means to have a new home be Focus on Energy certified, what’s in it for buyers and builders, and how RVI can help with the process.

What is Focus on Energy Certification?

Focus on Energy is Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program. Funded by energy utilities and cooperatives, Focus on Energy works with Wisconsin residents and businesses to install cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

The Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code outlines specific energy efficiency standards that must be met in new builds.  However, these standards are simply baselines.  There is still room for improvement in comfort, efficiency, and cost. Homes that are certified by Focus on Energy can be anywhere from 25 – 100% more efficient than homes that only meet Uniform Dwelling Code baselines.

A Focus on Energy-certified home is built under the guidance of a Building Performance Consultant. The consultant will review the building plans, visit the home during construction, and perform a final performance test when the home is complete. If the new home passes the energy certification tests, it will be certified by Focus on Energy.

What are the Benefits of Building a Focus on Energy-Certified Home?

There are many reasons why building or buying a Focus on Energy-certified home is an excellent option, both for your bottom line and the environment. Certified homes are:

  • Certified houses are less expensive to operate. Insulation, ventilation, and efficiency improvements mean savings on heating and cooling for the entire life of the building. Certified homes are also more appealing to buyers, making them attractive options when it comes time to sell.
  • A Certified home will be built tight and appropriately ventilated, meaning less uncomfortable drafts, no moisture issues, and cleaner, healthier indoor air.
  • Energy-efficient. Certification means you can feel confident in your home’s efficient energy use, an important environmental consideration.

How Does Focus on Energy Certification Work for Builders?

If you’re a builder, getting your homes Focus on Energy Certified pays off — literally.

Your company can take advantage of Focus on Energy’s promotional and marketing materials, including a listing on the Focus’ Trade Ally online search tool. Focus on Energy also offers cash incentives of up to $4,000 for participating.  Plus, for every certified home you build, you may qualify for a $2,000 tax credit.

Perhaps most importantly, building a Focus on Energy Certified home is better for the planet — and better for your buyers. This helps with customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

Getting started is easy, and as a Building Performance Consultant, RVI can help! When you work with RVI to get your homes certified, we will visit the home, perform testing, and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

Get Your New Home Focus on Energy Certified

Whether you are planning your new forever-home or in the business of building, RVI wants to be your partner.

As a Building Performance Consultant, our new construction consulting and guidance services will help ensure you are building the most efficient, cost-effective, comfortable, and healthy home possible.

Get in touch with Northern Wisconsin’s home insulation service experts now. We can help you learn more about how Energy Certification works and how you can use this incentivized program to your benefit.

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