Don’t Overlook the Garage: The Importance of Garage Ventilation Systems

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At RVI, we talk a lot about the importance of a well-ventilated home. If you read our blogs, you know that proper ventilation helps with heating and cooling costs, fosters a home environment with fewer toxins and less dust, and benefits the environment. On today’s blog, we are going to discuss ventilating another space in the home — the garage.

Although we might not think about it as often, garages need ventilation to help with air exchange and air quality just like our homes. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of achieving adequate garage ventilation with a professionally installed Garage Ventilation System.

Why Do Garages Need Ventilation?

Think about it. Garages are home to a lot of stuff — and not all of it is clean. Many people store cleaning supplies, paints, stains, gasoline, and other chemicals in their garages. Wet and dirty vehicles go in and out, leaving exhaust fumes and pollutants behind. You might even have a lawn mower in there with some of summer’s grass (and pollen) left behind. Many garages don’t have enough windows to accommodate proper air flow when the doors are closed.

Although we don’t typically spend as much time in our garage as we do in our house, it’s still important to have air movement and ventilation to help exchange the air, decrease odors, fumes, and pollutants, and keep flooring and walls dry. This is especially important in our Northern Wisconsin climate, as our long winters mean we pull wet, slushy vehicles into our garages every day. Left unchecked, the moisture that our cars bring in can eventually damage floors or even walls.

Proper ventilation can also help combat temperature extremes in the garage. If your garage shares a wall with your living space, controlling extreme temperatures in the garage could feasibly impact home heating and cooling expenses.

How To Ventilate Your Garage

If your garage is musty, smells strongly of exhaust fumes or other stored chemicals, or the air feels damp and generally stagnant, you could likely benefit from increased garage ventilation.

One of the simplest ways to improve this is by having RVI install a Garage Ventilation System. This system features a quiet, efficient, multi-speed fan that will exchange the air in the garage. This simple home upgrade will help remove pollutants, fumes, and particulates from the air, in addition to helping combat potential issues caused by wet vehicles or equipment.

RVI will consider your specific needs, including the size of your garage, its primary usage, and other factors to help ensure you end up with a cleaner, more comfortable, and well-ventilated garage!

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Face it — another wet and messy winter will be here before we know it. Contact the professionals at Rhinelander, WI-based RVI today to learn more about our ventilation systems and how they can help keep your garage drier and cleaner this winter and beyond!

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