Doing Our Part: RVI’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

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In addition to our experience in the insulation industry and our commitment to client satisfaction, RVI is equally committed to doing our part for the planet. We understand that, as insulation experts, we have a responsibility to help build energy efficient, “green” homes. We take pride in being a leader in this important role and remain committed not only to building efficient homes but to using sustainable materials wherever possible to further lessen our environmental footprint.

Today’s blog post will illustrate how RVI continues to do our part to reduce energy consumption, build efficient homes, and source sustainable materials for each job.

Using Sustainable Materials

There are two core products that we use for many of our insulation projects. For our Blow in Blanket (BIBS®) system we use CertainTeed, and for our flat attic jobs we opt for Cellulose insulation.

CertainTeed fiberglass insulation is made with a high percentage of recycled and renewable content and contains no binders, inks, or formaldehyde. CertainTeed insulation can help improve a structure’s energy efficiency. This means it not only lowers annual energy costs, it actually uses less energy to keep the home comfortable. In fact, in its first year after installation, a pound of fiberglass insulation can save up to 12 times the amount of energy used to produce it.

RVI also uses Cellulose insulation in our flat attic projects. Cellulose is typically composed of 75-85% recycled paper fiber. Of all the types of insulation available, Cellulose contains the highest percentage of recycled materials. Because paper is one of the largest elements of a landfill, producing and using Cellulose insulation saves invaluable space and conserves resources.

Building Efficient Homes

In addition to RVI’s commitment to using sustainable materials in our projects, we also focus on building or re-insulating homes to make them as efficient and “tight” as is feasible.

Homes and buildings with BIBS boast a tight “thermal envelope,” which means they have virtually no gaps or cracks that would allow for increased energy consumption. The US Department of Energy notes that, in 2009, close to 48% of a home’s energy use went towards heating and cooling. It makes sense, then, that better insulation and ventilation can mean a home uses less energy, thereby reducing the home’s environmental impact.

Sustainable & Efficient Insulation Services in Rhinelander, WI

We know that energy efficiency is a very important consideration when building a home – not only because it will save money in the long run, but because environmental stewardship and care is something for which we are all responsible.

That is why RVI prides itself on helping to build structures that are efficient, resourceful, and crafted from sustainable materials.

If you are a builder or a homeowner in Northern Wisconsin and you would like to learn more about how RVI can help you reduce your environmental impact through the use of proper insulation, please give us a call at (715) 420-0177 or reach out through our website today! Our team of building science experts is ready to help.

Since inception in 2000, RVI has been a leader in innovative Air Sealing and Insulating Systems. A family, faith, customer, and community-focused business, RVI is owned and operated by Sam and Ashly Hartmann (pictured above with their children) in their hometown of Rhinelander, WI.


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