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ALL work performed by R-Value Insulators, LLC is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We can test our work upon completion to show you successful completion and effectiveness.


New home construction

Air sealing and insulation

  • Air Seal
  • Ventilation
  • BIBS ® Certified High Performance Insulation System
  • Air Barrier Installed and Sealed
  • Sound Control Insulation
  • Blow-in Attic Insulation
  • Focus on Energy New Homes Program compliant

new home construction air sealing

Your new northern Wisconsin building investment demands the absolute best in insulation technology and performance to ensure optimal total building performance from day one. You’ll receive today’s most current insulation technology applied with our high-performance BIBS® certified system.




Existing home construction

Air sealing and insulation upgrades

  • Ventilation
  • Insulation and BIBS ® Certified System
  • Control Moisture
  • Address Ice Dams
  • Focus on Energy Whole Homes Improvement Trade Ally
  • Blow-in Attic Insulation
  • Insulation Removal
  • Crawl Space Air Sealing and Insulation
  • Blower Door Testing and Infrared Imaging
Existing home insulation upgrades

Home Insulation Upgrades

When your northwoods home, business, cottage, or cabin needs an insulation “spruce up” to ensure better overall performance and comfort, count on R-Value Insulators, LLC.

You’ll receive today’s most current insulation technology. Our high-performance BIBS® certified system can also be retrofitted to existing construction. You’ll enjoy financial savings and energy efficiency like never before! We’ll examine the existing insulation in your attic and other locations, consider your structures current performance, verify proper bathroom and/or kitchen ventilation and answer all your questions.

Whole home performance testing

Image of Blower Door

Image of Blower Door

Environmental comfort is key in building and occupying a home or business in northern Wisconsin – you demand warm or cool air to suit the season, as well as minimal humidity all year round. You’re also looking for utility bills that don’t break the bank. R-Value Insulators, LLC, makes all this reality. Whether you’re building new or upgrading existing construction, we’ll performance-test your structure to let you know exactly what you need to optimize building performance. You won’t receive a “one-size-fits-all” insulation solution; you’ll receive suggestions and insight to help you see and understand exactly what should be addressed.


Blow-in attic insulation

Blow-in attic insulation

Tired of consistently high heating and/or cooling bills? Insufficient attic insulation blow could be to blame. Depending on your exact needs, R-Value Insulators, LLC, will add loose-fill fiberglass or loose-fill cellulose into your attic space to keep warm and/or cool air exactly where it should be – in your living space. This enhanced attic insulation allows your furnace and/or air conditioner to work less frequently to keep you comfortable.

Air Sealing

Air Sealing Flyer

Air Sealing Flyer

Air Sealing is used to prevent air leakage. R-Value Insulators, LLC combines air sealing and insulation to improve home performance.


Ventilation ImageMoisture buildup in your home, business, cottage, or cabin can cause mold and mildew growth, puddles in windowsills, and/or streaks running down your walls. Stop all these problems and more. Eliminate excess moisture with ventilation installed by R-Value Insulators, LLC. We specialize in bathroom exhaust venting (showers and tubs play a BIG role in excess moisture buildup in a home) as well as soffit and roof venting to keep your attic free of damaging excess moisture.


Moisture Control

Controlling Moisture Flyer

Controlling Moisture Flyer

Moisture is caused by bad ventilation, poor air sealing and inadequate insulation. R-Value Insulators LLC can solve your moisture issues.

Ice dam elimination

Ice Dam Flyer

Ice Dam Flyer

Long Northwoods winters can cause destructive ice dams on your structure’s roof. Ice dams are not only unsightly, they can also cause significant damage to your home or business. How do ice dams form? As warm air leaks into your attic/spaces underneath your roof, snow atop your roof melts, refreezes into ice that can also infiltrate your shingles, and melt again to eventually leak water into your structure.Ice-Dam-Diagram



If you notice ice build up on your roof edges and above your gutters you’ve got ice dams. Act quickly to prevent damage – Call R-Value Insulators LLC right away at 715-420-0752.  R-Value Insulators LLC will stop warm air from leaving desired spaces by sealing any leaks. This eliminates the chance for melted snow to refreeze into ice that causes ice dams and ultimately substantial roof and structure damage.


Insulation removal

Removing old and/or ineffective insulation can be extremely messy and even dangerous if not done properly. Leave this chore to the experts at R-Value Insulators, LLC! Our highly-trained skilled technicians will safely, completely take away old insulation so you can get back to enjoying your home, business, cabin, or cottage (and we’ll replace the old with much more efficient, effective new insulation should you desire it!).

Sound Proofing with BIBS®

sound proofing icon 1Excellent Sound Control – insulating between rooms reduces sound transmission. Problems areas for sound transmission include air gaps and penetrations. BIBS® is a perfect fit every time with no gaps and voids. You can enjoy excellent sound control throughout your home with R-Value Insulators, LLC certified BIBS® install.

Crawl space air sealing and insulation

If your Northwoods cabin, cottage, or home is built on a crawl space, you might be surprised at the improvement an insulation upgrade could make for your home performance and your energy bill. Cold air and moisture can easily enter a structure through the crawl space. R-Value Insulators, LLC, will upgrade your under-home space with insulation to meet today’s home performance standards. In addition to installing exterior foam insulation and coating your foundation with industry-leading coatings for lasting durability, R-Value Insulators, LLC will apply closed-cell urethane foam insulation to your crawl space to keep the structure above much more comfortable and moisture-free.


Air leaks have no place in your building. You want to keep warm and/or cool air in desired spaces so you can stay comfortable throughout every season. R-Value Insulators LLC seal and stop air leaks with spray foam, urethane foam, caulk, weather stripping, and other insulation materials as required/determined by your needs.