Can You Hear Me Now? The Surprising Sound-Reducing Qualities of Blown-in Insulation

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If you keep up on RVI blogs, you already know that insulation serves more purposes than just keeping your house warm in the winter. Having the right amount of professionally installed insulation can make your home healthier, “greener,” and more comfortable.

In today’s blog, we will discuss yet another benefit to using our Blow-In-Blanket insulation system (BIBS) — sound control! Keep reading to learn how insulation can make your home quieter, too.

Why Do Homes Need Sound Control?

Many people don’t realize the importance of sound control (or “sound attenuation”) in a home until they live in one that has little or no sound control. We’ve all owned or rented a building with thin, shared walls — and it’s not exactly a relaxing experience.

Walls and ceilings can only do so much to block noises from TVs, music, laundry rooms, appliances, or even conversation. There is also exterior sound to account for, which is an especially important consideration for those that live near busy roads, train tracks, or noisy businesses.

Dealing with these airborne noises can quickly become aggravating. In addition to disrupting privacy and sleep, constant exposure to nuisance noises can even increase stress levels of the building occupants.

How Can Insulation Help Control Sound in the Home?

Frequently, builders turn to traditional batting style insulation when constructing new homes. While this particular form of insulation certainly has its purposes, it is not the best option for reducing sound attenuation in the home.

A better option is blown-in insulation. The system we use and recommend at RVI is known as BIBS.

BIBS is blown-in insulation made of high-quality fiberglass. In addition to being a superior form of insulation for climate control, it offers the additional benefit of being an excellent sound reducer in the home. This is because BIBS, when professionally installed by our team, will completely fill in wall cavities and fully surround pipes, wires, and electrical components within the wall.

Batting, on the other hand, leaves small but sometimes meaningful gaps in wall cavities. These seemingly small gaps can allow a surprising amount of sound to travel from one room to another, or from the outside in.

BIBS also won’t settle like some other forms of insulation, meaning it keeps its sound-controlling properties indefinitely.

Need Insulation Services in Rhinelander?

If you’re a homeowner whose house is loud, drafty, or poorly ventilated, you would benefit from an assessment by an RVI professional. We can evaluate your home and suggest ways to make it quieter, healthier, and more efficient.

If you’re a home builder in our area, we’d love to talk to you about how our BIBS insulation system can provide additional soundproofing benefits in your new builds.

Get in touch with RVI today and let us help you create the quiet, relaxing, comfortable home of your dreams

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