Home Energy Assessment

A home energy assessment is the first step in improving home comfort and performance.

As a Focus on Energy Wisconsin Trade Ally, RVI is able to offer highly advanced home energy assessments that identify efficiency issues and areas of energy loss using diagnostic tests such as blower door testing and infrared scans.

The information gained from a home energy assessment helps builders and homeowners determine where to focus their energy efficiency investments for optimum results.

Wisconsin Home Energy Assessments, RVI High Performance

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Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT

What tests are included in a Home Energy Assessment?
  • Inspection
  • Blower Door Test
  • Combustion Safety Test
  • Exhaust Ventilation Test
  • Infrared Camera Scan
How much does the Home Energy Assessment cost?


Will I receive a report?

Yes, you will receive a detailed report that RVI will review with you.

// New Home Energy Assessments

New homes can be made more efficient from the start with a home energy assessment. Assessments will ensure new homes meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, combustion safety, comfort, and durability.

Home Energy Assessments for new homes include:

  • Site visits to review construction and overall home performance
  • Scientific testing to ensure proper performance of:
    – air sealing
    – insulation
    – ventilation and combustion equipment
  • Focus on Energy New Home Certification

// Existing Home Energy Assessments

Older existing homes can be made more energy efficient with a home energy assessment. An assessment will show you where you are wasting energy and losing money by identifying areas of energy loss. You receive a comprehensive report containing recommendations for improving home comfort, lowering your energy costs, and boosting efficiency through insulation and air sealing.

Home Energy Assessments for existing homes include:

  • Discussion
  • Inspection
  • Blower Door Test
  • Combustion Safety Test
  • Exhaust Ventilation test
  • Infrared Camera Scan
  • Report
  • Post Improvement Performance Evaluation

Cash Incentives Are Available Through
Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy Wisconsin offers cash incentives for qualified energy efficiency improvements when you work with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally like RVI.

Wisconsin Home Energy Assessments, RVI High Performance


We are so glad we turned to RVI for our home energy assessment!

While preparing for a new addition to our family, we were worried that we may have needed to purchase new windows for our home. A large, costly project was not something we were planning on before a baby arrived! Fortunately, we had our home assessed and they were able to show us that there were much smaller projects we could do to improve our homes’ energy use.

RVI met with us quickly and helped us come up with a game plan for the most effective projects we could tackle. We even learned that the windows were not in need of necessary replacement! They also connected us with the people we needed in order to make the recommended updates to our home. The test helped us feel more confident in our home efficiency. We highly recommend turning to RVI for your home needs! 

// Jenny & Eric Prom