Frequently Asked Questions

At R-Value Insulators, LLC, we’re often asked about our services and how we help Northwoods residents enjoy more energy efficiency, cost savings, and total building performance.

Explore our FAQs for a snapshot into just what we do and how we can help you! Then, contact R-Value Insulators, LLC, at 715-420-0752 or for your FREE estimate.

How long has R-Value Insulators, LLC, been in business?

R-Value Insulators, LLC, has served northern Wisconsin since 2000. Our founder, Samuel Hartmann, was born and raised in Rhinelander, WI. Samuel grew up in the building industry and has worked in the building industry since 1997. Through his endeavors with R-Value Insulators, LLC, Samuel is dedicated to helping and improving the Northwoods community, environment, and economy. Contact Samuel Hartmann today at 715-420-0752 or

What is total building performance?
At R-Value Insulators, LLC, we don’t simply place pink insulation sheets and leave. We view your entire home as a complete system requiring continued balance between bathroom ventilation, kitchen ventilation, heating and cooling, water heating, and whole-house ventilation. We examine your overall home performance before doing any work. And if home performance problems reveal themselves, we take ALL necessary steps to fix them.

Why choose R-Value Insulators, LLC?

When you partner with R-Value Insulators, LLC, you enjoy:

  • Ambient temperature and humidity that keeps you comfortable in your building.
  • Ongoing structural integrity as your building stays appropriately warm or cool AND dry.
  • Lasting safety, durability, and quality.
  • Today’s most advanced technology and the highest level of insulation available.
  • Consistent, lasting performance of all technologies employed in insulating your structure.
  • Avoidance of long-term structural problems caused by improper temperature and/or humidity.
  • Peace of mind, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Thoughtful regard of YOUR needs and requests. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Your work will be completed in a timely, thorough manner.

What is your guarantee?

R-Value Insulators, LLC, FULLY GUARANTEES ALL WORK! Plus, we test our work upon completion to show you that it’s exceptionally well done. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we WILL make it right.

What is total home performance testing and why is it important to insulating a structure?

Total home performance testing often accompanies our work, and occurs at a customer’s request. We performance-test existing and new structures for airtightness. This is crucial, since airtightness is the most important factor in achieving an energy-efficient building. Performance testing also ensures that you’ll never receive a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Instead, you’ll receive suggestions and insight to help you see and understand exactly what should be addressed in your unique situation.

Testing in existing structures occurs both before and after our work. Testing in new structures occurs after construction completion.

Total home performance testing allows R-Value Insulators, LLC, to expertly assess insulation needs prior to installation, insulation excellence after installation, and lack of air leakage after insulation installation. These factors add value for the structure owner while saving him or her money throughout the life of the structure.

Does R-Value Insulators, LLC, work only on new construction?

R-Value Insulators, LLC, expertly insulates new AND existing homes, cottages, cabins, and businesses. You’ll receive today’s most current insulation technology applied with a high-performance home insulation system.

I have a drafty home. How can R-Value Insulators, LLC help?

Air leaks have no place in your building. You want to keep warm and/or cool air in desired spaces so you can stay comfortable throughout every season. We seal and stop air leaks with spray foam, urethane foam, caulk, weather stripping, and other materials as required/determined by your needs.

My home hasn’t had an insulation upgrade in years. What can R-Value Insulators, LLC, do to help?

When your home, business, cottage, or cabin needs an insulation “spruce up” to ensure better overall performance and comfort, count on R-Value Insulators, LLC. You’ll receive today’s most current insulation technology applied with a high-performance home insulation system.

I get ice dams on my roof every winter. Can R-Value Insulators, LLC, help me eliminate ice dams?

Long Northwoods winters can cause destructive ice dams on your structure roof. As warm air leaks into your attic/spaces underneath your roof, snow atop your roof melts, refreezes into ice that can also infiltrate your shingles, and melt again to eventually leak water into your structure. R-Value Insulators, LLC, will stop warm air from leaving desired spaces by sealing all air leaks. This eliminates the chance for melted snow to refreeze into ice that causes ice dams and ultimately substantial roof and structure damage. Contact R-Value Insulators, LLC, at 715-420-0752 or for information about eliminating ice dams and your FREE estimate.

 I’m fairly certain my attic needs more insulation. Can R-Value Insulators, LLC, help?

Insufficient insulation in your attic can wreak havoc on your utility usage and inflate your utility bills. R-Value Insulators, LLC, will evaluate your unique situation and needs, and add loose-fill fiberglass or loose-fill cellulose to your attic space to keep warm and/or cool air in your living space – exactly where it should be. This allows your furnace and/or air conditioner to work less frequently to keep you comfortable.

Can R-Value Insulators, LLC, help with ventilation problems as well as insulation issues?

By installing proper venting, R-Value Insulators, LLC, will stop problems resulting from moisture buildup in your home, business, cottage, or cabin. Eliminating moisture buildup stops mold and mildew growth, puddles in windowsills, and/or streaks running down your walls. We specialize in bathroom exhaust venting as well as soffit and roof venting to keep your attic free of damaging excess moisture.

Does R-Value Insulators, LLC, insulate crawlspaces?

Absolutely! R-Value Insulators, LLC, will upgrade your under-home space with insulation that stops cold air and moisture while meeting today’s home performance standards. In addition to installing exterior foam and coating your foundation with industry-leading coatings for lasting durability, R-Value Insulators, LLC will apply closed-cell urethane foam to your crawl space to keep the structure above much more comfortable and moisture-free.

What is BIBS® and what makes BIBS better than conventional insulation batting?

R-Value Insulators, LLC, is certified as a Blow-In-Blanket® system (BIBS) installer. BIBS allows only qualified contractors to become certified to install the BIBS system. BIBS state-of-the-art insulation blows special fiberglass wools behind a proprietary fabric barrier installed in walls, floors, attics, or ceilings.

  • Saves you time and money by providing the highest R-values attainable on the market today.
  • Maximizes your building’s thermal efficiency by forming a complete, seamless blanket of insulation around pipes, wires, and other objects otherwise difficult to insulate.
  • Enhances your comfort by dramatically reducing air infiltration into your building.
  • Ideally insulates vaulted ceilings, helping to prevent damaging ice dams and costly repairs.
  • Offers excellent sound control, as BIBS completely fills wall cavities.
  • Will not settle, eliminating the potential cost and hassle of future reapplication.
  • Will not burn/combust, contains no formaldehyde, and will not grow mold.
  • Offers an eco-friendly solution, with 25% or more recycled fiberglass content.
  • Installs cleanly and with no dust.
  • Is ideal for new construction and retrofitted existing construction

What do R-Value Insulators, LLC’s industry associations signify?

Important industry memberships recognize R-Value Insulators, LLC, as a top performer in the insulation industry and YOUR BEST CHOICE for obtaining total building performance. R-Value Insulators, LLC is:

  • A certified member of the non-profit Blow-in-Blanket® Contractors Association (BIBCA). BIBCA supports high-performance fiberglass systems and the contractors who install them.
  • A member of the High-Performance Insulation Professionals (HPIP), an exclusive group of 237 of the best-trained and most committed BIBCA insulation contractors across the US and Canada. HPIP members must receive certified training in specific installation systems and in building science. R-Value Insulators’ founder, Samuel Hartmann, has obtained HPIP Platinum-Level Certification, making him one of HPIP’s best-trained members.

For more about our industry memberships, please visit our Industry Memberships page.

Does R-Value Insulators, LLC, participate on Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy™ program?

Yes. R-Value Insulators, LLC, is a proud Trade Ally in Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy™ program. EVERY R-Value Insulators, LLC, project meets the energy-efficiency specifications set forth by Focus on Energy. We’re proud to save our customers money and hassle, while ensuring continued comfort throughout every season!